Every 3 Months

A quarterly report of my mundane existence

3rd quarter Report

“Is there a warranty on this silver lining?”..

In the last instalment, I hashed out the details of how I planned to move to Thailand and it..all..went..wrong.
Even my graduation ceremony was bonkers.
Virtual commencement, my arse.
Yeah, COVID-19.
2020 has been quite the year of disasters.

Moving forward into the month of October, I look back on the last 3 months and it feels strange. Almost like someone’s life I have temporarily occupied. But as I wait for the future to unroll (or unravel?) in front of me, I know whatever happens, I’ll be more at peace once I arrive in Thailand. The States has turned into a roiling mess of ‘non-opportune’ and I want to distance myself as much as possible.

My house there is currently occupied by the kiddos (14 & 17) and my partner. It’s just a matter of the junta government opening the country up for tourists; unlikely to happen in this pre-vaccine world we live in. There’s also the not-so-small matter of employment. My chances have dwindled substantially due to the pandemic and heightened xenophobia in the country.

That’s looking forward.

As for the last 3 months? It’s been me sitting around getting involved in random projects to occupy myself. A lot of Amazon Prime. A lot of reading, getting bored with whatever drivel I’m reading, and watching a movie instead. I also took a short trip to Utah and took some lovely photos. It proved to be just the breath of fresh air I needed.

The last quarter of the year should prove interesting to experience. I hope next time I update, I’ll be home.