Every 3 Months

A quarterly report of my mundane existence

4th quarter Report

“All’s well that ends well...”..

The last day of the year is today.

2020, you have been unduly cruel to many and I am glad you are about to spend your last bit of energy fading into the annals of time.

There will be no recap this time around. If you haven’t been following me, let’s consider this a fresh start shall we?

In November, I was hired on as a Building Assistant at a local social organisation. We aim to eradicate homelessness one person at a time. Doing so is not an easy task, with the meth epidemic growing every day and homelessness being both a cause and a symptom.

Taking the job is a stop-gap measure to arriving in Thailand with my family. It’ll allow me to get the vaccine, save some money for the future and provide a better quality of life for them.

The agricultural land we own is already being used for rice. Every week sees a new idea to cultivate it further and grow fruits, vegetables and perhaps even a solar panel or three. Maximising land usage and sufficiency is the eventual goal.

My wishes for the new year are few: a circle of people whom I love and love me and a sense of accomplishment in the goals we achieve, regardless of what may come our way. There is no way to ensure either, but to see each of the 365 chances I have and build into them for a prosperous future.