Every 3 Months

A quarterly report of my mundane existence

1st Quarter Report

“The Journey Continues”

I’m a bit overdue in getting this report out. A new work schedule combined with the formalities of moving oneself in the legal constraints of a new world has kept me quite busy.

In all honesty, not much has changed since the beginning of the year. A quarter has passed, and I continue to wait for a window of opportunity in Thailand. Nobody is responding to job applications like they once were, partially because Songkran (Thai New Year) is fully underway at the time of this writing.

There’s also the matter of COVID-19, in which variants are now penetrating SE Asian countries just as they are starting to open up. As people return for the holiday, to their rural provinces from areas of urban density, they certainly risk carrying with them these variants. It’s got the real potential for more lockdowns and at the very least, school closures.

The whole scenario, as it appears now, is that I will probably be delayed another month or two until departure. But with every passing day, and contact with the Thai mentality of “may pen rai” (don’t worry, everything’s fine), I find myself breezing through what would have made me clench my teeth this time last year. Even small and slow progress is progress.

I can choose to sweat the details or choose happiness. For the most part, I’ve chosen the latter.